Andre Abreu, MD
Jonathan Coleman, MD
Arvin George, MD
Inderbir Gill, MD
Michael Gorin, MD
Amar Kishan, MD
Laurence Klotz, MD
Amir Lebastchi, MD
Stacy Loeb, MD
Kia Michel, MD
Caroline Moore, MD
Lance Mynderse, MD
Peter Pinto, MD
Thomas Polascik, MD, FACS
Simpa Salami, MD
Rafael Sanchez-Salas, MD
Abhinav Sidana, MD, MPH
Samir Taneja, MD
Baris Turkbey, MD
James Wysock, MD
Amin Herati, MD
Christopher Dixon, MD
John Wei, MD
Brian Helfand, MD

Overall Objectives for the 2021 FOCAL Therapy Course


  • Describe the rationale for focal/partial gland therapy of prostate cancer
  • Appropriately identify optimal candidates for focal treatments
  • Evaluate the latest evidence on oncological and functional outcomes of focal therapy
  • Describe surveillance strategies post-focal therapy of prostate cancer
  • Prevent, identify and manage the complications of focal therapy
  • Describe various steps of transperineal interventions and treatment planning for focal therapy using different modalities.
  • Describe the indications, preoperative evaluation, surgical steps/procedure, and expected patient outcomes for various minimally invasive operations for BPH